Random Hero.

Today my post will not apply to any music to anything else. Because it’s in memory of a man who was very dear to us. Ryan Dunn.I remember when I was still at high school, I knew about Jackass. It was a great time: first editions, then Wildboyz. And of course Homewrecker. That was my favorite shows on MTV. I never tired of laughing at Ryan antics in apartments of punishable and most rigid tricks in Jaskass.

I had no luck to be familiar with him (although I really wanted this) but I see people. And I saw that Ryan was living with a laugh. He loved to make us laugh, he made the world laugh. And he did it sincerely and heartily. I cry, because I wanted to get acquainted with each of the Jackass. Including Ryan. Because every bright person, I know, makes me enjoy life. Love life, appreciate it and love everyone around me.

Rest in peace, the funniest bearded man ever. You’ll always be near. I will remember you, we will.

Will miss you so much,buddy..