Question of the Day: What Do You Want To Let Go Of Today?

According to Holidaypedia, today is Let It Go Day. The idea behind today is that whatever is bogging you down, whatever it is that is holding you back, you let it go. Simple in theory, maybe not so much in practice. Well, maybe today is the day that will the start of the process of you letting go of something that is keeping you from being the special snowflake that we all know you can be.

~ HelloAnna ~

I suppose today is where we will share what things are holding us back and then maybe we can start to let them go. It’s a start. I also feel like getting my over-share on.

I feel like I am in a creative slump. I don’t know why. I am also really lazy these days. I want to blame the June Gloom but it’s starting to go away (at least by the afternoon anyway). I make up reasons for not doing things and it kind of sucks. I need to start doing stuff instead of just sitting in my apartment playing video games.

What do you want to let go of today?