Question of the Day: What’s Something You Used To Do As A Kid That You Don’t Anymore?

Let me explain this QOTD with a photo from this here Tumblr:

I akshually still do this. Sometimes there are kids in there and then people think I am trying to steal their children or something. I should probably grow up.

Anyway, we all used to do things as kids that were fun and then we grew up and you couldn’t exactly do certain things because PEOPLE STARTED JUDING YOU.

Look at that cat being all JUDGE-Y..

The other day, I was talking to my friend about her going to school to be an archeologist and it made me think about digging holes in my yard to find treasure. My parents used to get mad at me but I didn’t care. I used to have a brush and brush around the rocks like an archeologist. It was max fun until my parents yelled at me.

I used to do a lot of stuff that just seems weird now. I used to make flower necklaces for my Mom, sew stuff, play with dolls and make mud pies. STOP JUDGING ME.

The thumbnail for this QOTD is by Almond. So now you get to answer the QOTD. Go ahead. Do it. You know you want to.