Question of the Day: What Questions Do You Want Answered?

Sometimes you have questions. Sometimes I have smrt az answers. Most of the time I don’t have anything to say so I just talk about cats. I just kind of want to know if you all have any ideas for the QOTD because I scouring Tumblr for all my question needs. Not that I don’t like Tumblr or anything. I mean, they have all the gifs.

I just want the QOTD to be about you all and not everything that pops into my head. This is your place on the internet and mostly I am just the janitor that puts the wood chips on the barf. Not that there is any barf on Buzznet OMG WHAT AM I DOING TO THIS POST??? 🙁

But yeah. I know you all have some interesting questions because you all are magic and sunshine and rainbows. I will like to give you this magic thread so that you can put forth questions for the QOTD. Otherwise if you don’t help me, I will start asking you about fruit (kidding).

What questions do you want answered?