Question of the Day: What’s One Thing You Learned On Your Own That You Wish Was Taught In School?

Despite everything that you are taught in school, there are some things that they just don’t teach. I am trying to remember what I learned in school (high school to be more specific) but I can’t recall anything. I suppose that elementary grasp on the English language was one thing but other than that, I haven’t the slightest idea of what I learned in high school.

I remember learning things that now just seem really basic, so maybe that’s all that I was supposed to learn. Who knows.

Here is a list of classes I wish I would’ve had my last semester in high school:

– How to deal with your emoshuns 101– Relax! It’s just life (Nap Strategies for the Young Adult)– The $40 Food 4 Less Budget Planner– So your friends are all a**holes, now what? – How to look back and laugh (because that is the only way you can deal with the sad tragedy of your life)

Then, there would be a period where you just eat candy and ice cream and dance. It’s my form of P.E.

What’s something you learned on your own that you wish was taught in school?

Photo by: Derekx