Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Photo That You’ve Ever Taken?

If you haven’t noticed, I am a sucker for unofficial holidays. With that being said, today is Camera Day. Cameras are really neat. They are the devices that capture your memories, share your world with everyone, and sometimes you can use them to make powerful statements of self expression. Lots of us here like taking photos. It’s fun!

I didn’t take this, MeganFurSure did. Is this the real life?

I just went through a bunch of my photos that I’ve posted here on Buzznet. No matter how neat I think a photo came out after I initially posted it, I can always find something wrong with it later down the road. Awesome. I used to think my little Lumex camera was the bee’s knees. Looking at those photos makes me think to myself, “OMG WUT WUZ I THINKING?”

I know a lot of you draw and do ther things besides photography, so if you want to share with us your favorite work you’ve ever done, feel free to do so.

Which of your photos is your favorite you’ve taken?