Question of the Day: Do You Have Any Habits That Gross People Out?

I’m trying to think of things that I do that are gross. I probably have really obvious ones that aren’t obvious to me because what I think is gross usually involves GG Allin and bananas (but then I think stuff like that is funny because I have problems). I guess RedChanges little cow up there making delishuz poos is kind of appropriate right now.

Anyway, I remember when I first started working at Buzznet, I used to ride my bike in the summer and just come to work all sweaty and sit down and not even change shirts. Yup. Looking back on it now, that is kind of gross. Mind you, it was just Bree, Mark, me, and like maybe 10 other people in the ENTIRE Buzznet office so no one really cared (omg I worked with Honey Badgers). Well, maybe they didn’t say they cared. Who knows. That is my gross story. Now its your turn.

Do you have any habits that gross people out?