Patrick Stump Releases a New Single ‘This City’ Featuring Lupe Fiasco

Patrick Stump is releasing Soul Punk this summer. I keep repeating it because that’s what he keeps telling us. Even though we’ve been waiting for this album for over a year, I will trust in PStump that we will have it this summer. After all, multiple outlets have named it to their list of “Most Anticipated Releases.”

Well, now we have the album’s first single, which as everyone knows can work in two different ways. It can satiate fans with “Well, at least we got new music!” Or it can make them hungrier for the full album, i.e. “GIMME THAT ALBUM, PATRICK VAUGHN STUMP!”

No matter how the single works on you, here it is. “This City” features Lupe Fiasco, with a hook that was written specifically with Fiasco in mind by Stump.

Stump says this is the kind of thing we can expect from Soul Punk. In his own words? “I’m kind of pop but a little left of center. It sounds kind of like it makes sense on the radio but at the same time doesn’t at all. It’s very me.”

Well, I will completely agree with that “very me.”

What do you guys think of “This City?”