Buzznet iParties With Victorious!

On June 4th, the cast of iCarly and Victorious got together for a special premiere screening of their new iParty With VictoriousTV special! Friends and family of the cast, along with some lucky fans got the chance to see the hilarious show before it airs on Nickelodeon on Saturday June 11th.

Everyone gathered at the Lot, a studio where many TV shows and movies are filmed. The studio was totally decked out with a huge screen, tons of balloons and of course lots of candy and popcorn. Every Nick star imaginable was there, checking out the crossover show where the cast of iCarly meets Victorious.

The extended show was SO funny and kept the audience laughing throughout the hour and a half showing. I definitely recommend watching it on Saturday to find out what happens Carly realizes that her boyfriend is cheating on her with Tori! It involves an impromptu trip to LA, a giant costumed panda with a tennis racket, Keenan Thompson, special effects makeup and some sweet revenge. Both of the casts really meshed well together and created and awesome ending.

And the after party was just as great as the movie! The cast members hung out while everyone got the chance to screen print their own t-shirt, have some awesome food and desserts and listen to really fun music from Victorious and iCarly. I even got the chance to talk to some cast members! Mikey Reid who plays Sinjin on Victorious told me his favorite part of the show was the hot tub scene with Professor Sikowitz. Noah Munck AKA Gibby said he loved the grande finale. I also got to talk to the totally sweet Matt Bennett and Avan Jogia about their favorite music…they’re really into Odd Future!

Check out some of my photos from the event and make sure to watchiParty With Victorious on Saturday June 11th!!

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