MTV’s American Version of ‘Skins’ Canceled

The controversial American adaptation of the series Skins has been cancelled after one season.

Shockingly, it sounds like the decision wasn’t made because of the much-publicized advertiser losses or groups like the Parents Television Council attacking the series, but instead for a pretty darn mundane reason. EW is reporting that the series will not see a second season because of bad ratings.

MTV’s statement on the cancellation was “…Skins is a global television phenomenon that, unfortunately, didn’t connect with a US audience as much as we had hoped.” Of course, one of the biggest fears that many fans of the original British series had was that the US version wouldn’t be able to stack up.

Maybe that was true, and maybe that’s why so few people ended up sticking with the series once the initial “shock” factor was over and done with. No matter what, the US is Skins-less again. If you’re feeling that you still need a fix, head over to Buzznet’s Skins group and mourn the loss while you read our interviews with the Skins cast and more.