The Mr. Popper’s Penguins Premiere!

Yesterday I was invited to go to the Premiere of Jim Carrey’s new movie “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.” I went with Disney Star Stefanie Scott + our manager (we share him)!! She is a total dollface. If you own a tv you should support her new show A.N.T Farm that debuts this Friday!

My manger had been emailing me ALL week to “not dress like a freak“. Last week I went to an agent meeting in Beverly hills in cut off TOPSHOP jean shorts + Red Lace thigh-high’s and he WAS NOT IMPRESSED. So, I did my best to look “normal” and I think I ended up looking like I was going to a funeral. When are the other buzznet gals (Audrey, Hanna + Jac) going to let me raid their closets!? Eeeeee!!!

I ended up wearing this. I look normal, right!?
I caught a picture of all the photographers clicking away. It’s fun after a while because you always see the same photographers at red carpets so you don’t feel as scared. It is worse than school pictures!!!

The “red carpet” wasn’t actually red. It was white and filled with “snow”. After seeing the movie I know why. Jim Carey ends up turning his ENTIRE NYC apartment into a snow filled home for the penguins!

Here is me + Stefanie on the carpet. She is so sweet + BEAUTIFUL! I seriously do not remember girls when I was 12 being so goregous!

At the end of the carpet they had the stars of the movie for us to see + meet.

The movie was super cute + the popcorn was yummy! Are you guys gonna see this movie!?