more glitter please

i have fallen in love with the cosmetic company NYX & all their glitter products.. from the glitter cream shadows to the gel body glitter, i love it all!! the prices are very reasonable & their products are carried online or at urban outfitters. are you as glitter obsessed as me? he he

last night my friend brett & i went to see the movie bad teacher.. i know it hasn’t got the best reviews but i really enjoyed it & thought it was hilarious. while at the theatre i ran into a friend from high school who i haven’t seen in years.. its always so awkward running into someone like that.. i never know what to say or how to end it..

at the moment i am getting ready to go to a meeting with ivey. we are supposed to play a girls rock band on some new sitcom just for one episode and today we are going to meet with the production team about it.. neither of us has acted before & we don’t play any instruments.. should be funny. hopefully our band is sorta like jem.. total chaos with glitter & platforms.