Mark Hoppus Reveals New Details on Blink-182 Album

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus took to his Tumblr blog during his flight from JFK to LAX on June 22nd, to let fans know what he has been up to.

Hoppus gives an abundance of details on how he’s keeping up with filming his Fuse’s Hoppus On Music, how he’s keeping from looking like a certain Glee character and an update on the progress for Blink’s much anticipated new studio album.

In lengthy post (1541 words to be exact) Hoppus reveals he and his two band mates Tom Delonge and Travis Barker are still recoding the album and have been tracking in separate cities. The album is due to the label by July 31st and they will soon choose a single. Looks like there is still a lot of work ahead.

Here is some of what he had to say,

“our single is due to be delivered to the label in two weeks. as of now, I think we have four strong contenders for “first single.” this is one the most exciting and stressful times of any recording process. the part where you commit. no more “we’ll put this in and see how it works…” we are all forced to make the decisions that will ultimately solidify whatever this new album will become, and will always be. good or bad, right or wrong, the die is about to be cast. the deadline is approaching. july 31st will be here sooner then any of us realize, and a few weeks after that it will be on the shelves (or on the websites where you can purchase and hold it in a cloud) and finally everyone can hear it, decide for themselves, and we can all stop talking about when the record will be released or what it sounds like. we can start talking about what we think of the final master. at that point, the album will be what it is and take on its own life. all of our ideas and work and songs will be like little birds, leaving the nest for the first time. some will soar to amazing heights, some may fall short and struggle to take flight, and some may grow bright yellow and grotesquely large and live on a street with a green monster who lives in a trash can. i think i’m going to like our new little record. i hope you do, too.

If you would like to read Mark’s entire post check out here.

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