Make Room On Your Summer Playlist, Black Cards Just Posted a New Demo!

It isn’t a shock that, since the Black Cards tend towards a fun and island-y sound, they would have a high chance of releasing a song that will make your summer just THAT much better.

And when chances are that high? Everyone wins.

Black Cards lyricist and bassist Pete Wentz has posted the band’s new demo, “Smash,” on his Tumblr and…okay, guys, it’s such a “summer afternoon by the pool/at the beach” song. Seriously. This collaboration between BC, Evan Taubenfeld and Halitrax is here to make your summer a little cooler. Or hotter. IT WILL CHANGE TEMPERATURES. GO AHEAD AND TRY TO STOP IT, SCIENCE! YOU CAN’T!

But don’t take my word for it! Go take a listen! What do YOU guys think?