Have You Heard of the Kerli Phenomena?

Once upon a time, an artist named Kerli emerged from a forest with some ethereal ideas and catchy beats. But seriously, if you haven’t heard of Kerli Koiv, Queen of Bubble Goth, #1 artist on Billboard’s Dance Charts, and designer of the most beautiful and creative stage outfits you’ve ever seen, then now’s your chance.

Bing is teaming up with all sorts of musicians and now they’re working with one of Buzznet’s favorite users and artists! Learn more about the Estonian pop star including all about her unique relationship with avid fans around the world as well as a where all her inspiration comes from.

Be sure to also check out Kerli’s stunning Marie-Antoinette-Meets-Punk photo shoot with Buzznet style maven and Coco De Ceour fashion designer Audrey Kitching.