Getting Results: I is for Inspire/Interpret

Last week, we called for what lyrics inspired you and how you would interpret them. You all are an inspirational bunch and I’ve even found some new stuff to listen to. Let’s take a look at what inspires you and what you’ve done to some of your favorite lyrics.

Ashly is kind of inspirational, just like this lyric from The Dresden Dolls.

Lozzer afraid to leave you these “Famous Last Words.”

“I’ll be your lake if you are my skipping stone. I will be your company if you find yourself alone. I will be your money if you can’t afford a home. I’ll be your lake if you are my skipping stone.” ~Andrew Jackson Jihad

Rhianna would let Andrew Jackson Jihad be a lake as long as she could be a skipping stone.

Meghan93 is giving you some “Besitos.”

Here Are my place and time And here in my own skin I can finally begin Let the century pass me by Standing under night sky Tomorrow means nothing

Tomorrow Means Nothing” by Arcade Fire and Tomorrow.

“Let’s have a toast for the douchebags! Let’s have a toast for the assholes! Let’s have a toast for the scumbags! Every one of them that I know Let’s have a toast to the jerkoffs That’ll never take work off Baby, I got a plan Run away fast as you can”

Prague suggest that we get our glasses ready with Kanye West’s “Let’s Have A Toast To The Douchbags.”

Jane shares with us Die Arzte and their song “Wie Es Geht.”

“I asked a painter why the roads are colored black, he said “Steve its because people leave and no highway will bring them back

Alexher123 shares with us bus rides and lyrics from The Silver Jews song “Random Rules.”

“Hold on, if you feel like letting go Hold on, it gets better than you know”

SyaViolet holds onto picture frames and Good Charlotte lyrics.

The stars are under a different sky, Your prayers must be working ‘cuz I’m still alive This place is so cold and I just wanna come home

Reverie3 brings us Saving Able’s lyrics from their song “Miss America.”

I’m a soldier of love everyday and night I’m a soldier of love all these days of my life

Hey that’s me! This is from Sade’s “Soldier of Love.”

Buzznet’s Anime Queen brings to us Christina Aguilera’s “We’re A Miracle.” It’s part of her 100 Days Challenge and she’s almost done!

“Singer I believe that it’s music when you breathe But with help of words and melody,your speech or song, it’s heavenlyAnd I could fall asleepoh I could fall asleep”

CheersMate brings us a lullaby from Scattered Trees called “Sparrow.”

Candl1988 inspires us with this amazing photo.

Thanks for all those that entered this week! We’ll have a new Alphabet Assignment for the letter “J” tomorrow. Party!