Getting Results: H is for Home

Last week, we ventured into the letter “H.” While I was mostly using this as a creepy excuse to go into your homes, this week’s photo results are mostly from the outside of your abodes. While this makes me sad a little on the inside, I will keep calm on carry on.

Let’s take a look at the places that a few of you call home:

Annier didn’t say that this was her actual photo assignment submission but that’s alright. This used to be someone’s home so let’s just pretend that she is in there combing Hovis’ mighty coat.

UncleLou calls these straights home. What a lovely sunset!

JaneBecameInsane posted this photo of her MEGA YARD. She also has a twin brother. I didn’t know that. Pretty neat, huh?

Le MiMi posted a photo from when she went to visit her Abuelita. Those are some pretty rad frames. This photo is so soft. I want to pet it.

These feet belong to Meghan. No one knows where the matt came from.

Look at Tomorrow’s mum being all awesome and stuff. Hooray for mom’s!

Since xBiax is a rebel, she feels most at home in a pair of heels:


We hope you’ve enjoyed this photo round up! There will be one tonight for the letter “I.” Promise. I didn’t have a photo ready because well, I got home last night and fell asleep at 7 at night and didn’t wake up until the middle of the night. Thanks all for posting this week!