Getting Results: G is for Green

It’s story time y’all! Grab a delicious stick of butter and have a seat on our magical carpet as we take you on a journey through a land full of more green than my that stuff wedged in between my toes. Did I gross you out just then? Well, let me make up for it by showing you all of these lovely photos. There are lots but they are all pretty awesome so BEAR WITH ME!

One day, as we were laying about in a field, we decided to hop on our bikes to go and explore:

Photo by EtherealSombre

Upon leaving our field, we happened upon an enchanted forest in the kingdom of RhiannaBerg:

As we came to the entrance of this magic forest, we found two paths. The first path was marked with a sign (which you can’t see in this photo but it’s there; trust me) that read, “The Road to Asherah:”

The next road was called “Annier‘s Primrose Path to HovisTown:”

Right when we were getting ready to follow Hovis into the woods (because going into that dark doorway was kind of scary), a fairy queen named Mimi K popped up:

She asked us if we could find her friend, Sir Cluckingston McRoosterCrow, Esq. Since she didn’t have an iPhone with a photo of this beast, she tried to draw us a photo of her friend with these pencils that she borrowd from DesertPhreak:

Turns out that she couldn’t draw. The next best thing was to crack open one of her enchanted bottles that the Enchantress Reverie3 gave to her:

When the bottle was opened, it summoned forth her BizarreLand Minions:

They knew what Sir Cluckingston looked like and they wanted to go and adventure with us!

Mostly, they wanted to go and swing from these little guys in the Kokodril Grove:

Being locked in a bottle for a long time will make you want to do the weirdest things!

Since we had to go and get our search started, we decided to take off. The minions couldn’t remember the way and we ended up at the Bog of Candle Lou. Take a look at this place:

The minions said they couldn’t go this way. They can’t get wet. If they do, they turn into SanyPillers:

We asked a bush of CocoWildFox flowers if they had seen Sir Cluckingston:

They said that they hadn’t 🙁 They told us to ask the All Knowing Mimi Daisy if she had seen Sir Cluckingston:

This daisy didn’t want to be bothered but we said if she didn’t talk to us, we’d bring over a RedChanges Beetle and it would eat her petals until she talked:

She decided to talk to us a bit. She had last seen Sir Cluckingston at the edge of the forest so off we went. We had to walk over the Izshkabobula grass:

We also had to trapise over the Xbiax Ivy:

Finally, we were at the edge of the forest. Once we were there, we moved aside some leaves from the Tree of Tomorrow:

And there he was, Sir Cluckingston:

This fine fowl is a friend of JaneBecameInsane.

Once we had Sir Cluckingston, we flew on his back to the fairy queen and she said we could go home because she forgot why she needed us to go and get this here chickun. So we left and went to eat some cake.

~ The end ~

Thanks everyone that played this week! Something new will be here tomorrow, so hold onto your boot straps.