EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Day in the Life of Keltie Colleen Part 1

I am wearing: VH crop tee Chaser LA + VINCE black skirt + HALE handpiece.

The amazingness that is Kate Cordova followed me around all day so that I could give Buzznet a peak into what my life is like. My life is Diet Coke, HOBO in the front seat, auditions, interviews, managers, and a million meetings about my book-turned-tv-series. BAN.AN.AS!!

I am passionate about so many things that sometimes it gets me in trouble. I never have enough time to do everything. I also have a very ginormas forehead which bugs me. I guess the thing no one ever tells you about having your dreams come true is how much work is involved. I need a nap! I am so excited about all the art I am creating and totally thankful that I get to live my dreams.

In part one: shopping for a dress for the Mr. Popper’s Penguin Premiere, pick up a script from my manager, and trying diet coke with lime (yuck!)

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