The Drums Talk Bonnaroo, Britpop and… Exploding Goats with Jac Vanek

As you may or may not be already aware, Buzznet is at Bonnaroo! We’re coming at you from the scene to give you exclusive access from behind-the-scenes and interviews with some of your favorite bands. Buzznet correspondent Jac Vanek met with the guys from The Drums, who we have already crowned as one of our 13 Most Stylish Bands.

The boys (from left to right: Connor Hanwick on drums/guitar, Jonathan Pierce on vox, and Jacob Graham on guitar/keyboard) took some time out of their single day at the festival and chatted about their past life as Goat Explosion (and you thought your childhood was weird), what it was like to first work as a band full-time, 80s britpop, Japan and Bonnaroo!

Take some time to listen to their tunes “Best Friend” and “Let’s Go Surfing“.

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And seriously, after you watch video, please tell us – what do YOU think a “goat explosion” is?