Drew Barrymore to Direct New Best Coast Music Video Starring Miranda Cosgrove

Betheny Cosentino of Best Coast recently revealed to Rolling Stone magazine during an interview that actress Drew Barrymore would be directing her next music video. The pairing purportedly happened through the same MTV program that paired up Anna Kendrick to star in the LCD Soundsytem video for “Pow Wow”, and Cosentino also told Rolling Stone that her video for “Our Deal” will star iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove (Cosentino is a big fan of the show) and teen actress Chloe Moretz from Kick-Ass, as well as Donald Glover from the show Community.

We can’t wait to see what Drew Barrymore does with this star-studded music video from one of our favorite bands.

What do you think about Miranda Cosgrove being in a music video?

Is there another actress you’d rather see in the new Best Coast video?