For Don’t Forget: Michael Jackson Lives In All Of Us

Have already passed two years of the Michael Jackson death, at only 50 years old, leaving his family, his sons and all his fans. Michael was ready for his last worldwide tour “This Is It” that had to start in London on July 2009.

In the last years, the attention was more on Michael as man than as artist with all the plastic surgery’s intervents, the hyperbaric room and all the allegations on children’s molestation…

One thing is sure: when all the tvs said that Michael Jackson was dead that June 25th, 2009, all the world stopped and was shocked and noone could believe to their ears. How was it possible that the King of Pop was dead?

For days the world continued to talk about MJ, tv services, specials on radio and tvs, a lot of fans in front of Neverland and everywhere wanted to rend a tribute to their idol! And a lot of them killed themself because couldn’t stand the pain!

I have to say that when I heard the news from a classmate of mine, I said: Are you kidding? It was the first day of exams at my high school and you can imagine how much concentrated i was after had known that horrible news and “Thriller” refrain continue to play in my head.

I didn’t cry when I knew about his death, I don’t know why, but for me it wasn’t true but I fell in tears during the funeral and especially when his daughter said that he was the best daddy of the world!

I’m in tears right now too, everytime I see a MJ picture or I watch his videos or anything…

Michael will live forever in our hearts and in our souls, I usually think to him in heaven with a lot of other great artists and he teaches to them the moonwalk and dancing and singing with the other angels.

I think God called him back to him because he understood we didn’t merit him, he tried to do a lot for us and for the planet, for the nature, but we didn’t listen, Michael was a pure soul and I wanna always remember him with this song:



If you want to leave a message for Michael, you are welcome!

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