Break me off a piece of that.

You ever get so overwhelmed with things that you want to just run away from it all?

When things start pilling up one, after another, after another until you want to scream.

Good things, bad things, weigh out the good things, but then good things happen to weigh out the bad, but then by this time there are too many things happening to juggle onto the other things that you are trying to do.

AIHFSIFISEGH#IOWHo4u9823arhf2. damn.

This world out here gets overwhelming at times. Don’t get me wrong I am incredibly grateful for it all and for everyone and everything I have. But this month I want to go into hiding. Nothing against my friends or anything. But I need a month for me. To focus on me, to find me and who I am and what I need and want. Im always so focused on making others happy, and hanging out with people, and going to see friends and making more and more and more plans. Its my fault. I love my friends and people and love to stay busy, btu at this time in life im learning that YOU time is the most important time.

But for the month of June I wanted to focus on just staying in alone, or going out alone, and reinventing my thought process. They always say “what you surround yourself with is what you become” I have become complacent with my life and need that uprising feeling again, I need to jump off this plateu or find a ladder.

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