What’s In My Bag New York City Edition

ipod, marc jacobs daisy oil, french katy perry magazine, tokyolux fall sunnies, tokyolux dream-catcher earrings, fuji polaroid camera, ardel eyelashes, hand made woven charity bag, trader joes sunscreen

Im in NYC aka the big apple for a few weeks! Today im going too a Vice party at the Standard Hotel. Im about to meet up with my friend Lauren for brunch followed by relaxing in the sun on the rooftop concrete jungle! (actually it looks like its going to rain but im ignoring that) NYC has an energy that Los Angeles can’t compete with. Don’t get me wrong I love California…. but I grew up in Philly and New York and have spent 5 years straight in LA. Change is healthy and boy did I need one. Im so glad im going to be splitting my west coast living with the east side from here on out, my whole life I wannted to be bicoastal! The only downside is, this means more jet-setting… dun dun dun.

Anything strange or wild in your bag this week?