Alphabet Assignment: H is for Home

As you may have noticed, we haven’t done a proper Alphabet Assignment in some time. That is mostly because I am lazy and because I left for a while to ride my bike all over the green earth. That was fun. I wonder how long I can milk that whole, “I was gone” thing. Anyway, I am back now and we shall commence to party times.

This is one of the magestic views from the hallway of my apartment building.

I thought it would be rather fitting that we have the topic “Home” for this assignment because well, I am somewhat glad to be back home and then again, well, yeah. For all of last week, I slept on the the lumpy dirt fields of California in a tent that collected all the dew like it was a desert rose. I showered in a mobile shower so that was nice but weird. It was also fun not having a mirror. Not looking at yourself for a long period of time does strange things to you. I suggest you try it.

This is the apartment number to my haus. If you stalk me, I will send my dog after you.

So there you have it. Home. Take some photos of something that makes you feel like you are home. Share with us your favorite room in your home or something like that. What does the word “home” mean to you? Remember, we accept photos, blogs, videos, anything. Just as long as you share with us in the theme of this assignment. Make sure you add your photos to the Photo of the Day Group or drop me a note to say you’ve done this. Or you can just drop me a note because you are nice and you want to send me e hugs.

The deadline is next Tuesday, 21 June. That is all.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!