The Advertisement that Made Naomi Campbell Angry (Uh-Oh) is Not Racist, At Least According to the ASA

When Cadbury went public with their advertisement comparing Naomi Campbell to a chocolate bar, the notorious supermodel as well as several organizations including Operation Black Vote voiced their disgust at the seemingly racist promotion.

However, the U.K.’s Advertisement Standards Authority has deemed the ad not racist. The council released this statement:

“[The ad] was likely to be understood to refer to Naomi Campbell’s reputation for ‘diva-style’ behaviour rather than her race. On this basis, the council decided that the ad was unlikely to be seen as racist or to cause serious or widespread offense.”

It’s funny the ASA is refuting complaints about Cadbury’s ad (which can easily be interpreted at racist) when just a few months ago, they banned a perfume commercial by Yves Saint Laurent that apparently encouraged heroin use when really, the modern choreography had a dancer point a finger at her arm ONCE.

What do you think the Cadbury advertisement?