30 Days Song Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 – Yesterday it was the last show of Italy’s Got Talent and waiting for the result, there were two amazing guests: Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone, two wonderful Italian girls with an awesome voice. Alessandra (white dress) won the 8th edition of Amici talent show, one of the judges of Italy’s Got Talent, Maria De Filippi, is the host of Amici talent show; while Emma (grey dress) won the 9th edition of the talent show and she arrived at the 2nd place at the last Sanremo Festival with Modà. I always desired to see them in a duet, and my dream comes true! I would also glad if they would record an album together, it would be such awesome!

Yesterday they sang “La mia storia con te” (“My Story With You”) Alessandra’s song and “Io son per te l’amore” (“I’m the love for you”) Emma’s song.

The performance starts at 0:30, before the perfromance the host says they are both from Puglia and they are at the top of the Italian charts with their albums and singles.

After the performance the host says Alessandra’s winter tour has been all sold out in all the dates and from July 12th she comes back in tour; while Emma started a tour too and after have been the opening of Gianna Nannini’s tour she will open also Vasco Rossi’s tour.

I leave also the translation of the two songs so you can understand better the meaning of these two wonderful songs.


My Story With You

Look me well in the eyes

From so much time you escape from me

Seem far almost light years

Those moments with you

When you said me: “you are beautiful”

You made me live in a fairy tale

When I felt me essential

Of a huge joy till to cry

While now it’s all so far

And a really deep groove divides us

Still, Still…

I would intensely live

That dream together

My story with you

I wanna your hands on me

I wanna live in colors

Tell me that that emotion will come back

Still, still

I would immensely live

That dream together

My story with you

My story with you

I’m the love for you

Really do you want convince me

That all has been vain

Among us

And I absorb also this your last

Sharp lie

If there wasn’t this damn nostalgia

That rends us ridiculous

Proud enough till to kill us

Look me in the eyes and then convince me

That it has been a bad dream

Come to wake me up

Talk slowly as well, but

Tell me that without me

You can’t stay

Hold slowly as well, but

Enough for

To can understand

That the smell will doesn’t go away

That I’m the love for you