30 Days Song Challenge: Day 1

I always loved this kind of projects, and I thought to start mine, inspiring me with 30 Days Song Challenge of my dear friend Ruby. Every day I will try to post a video of an artist, maybe not so famous and popular to all of you, a video about a song who says me something, and I wanna to share it with all you.

I hope you like my 30 Days Songs Challenge! 😉

For my first day of this project I chose a cover song, Skinny Love (the original one of Bon Iver) of Birdy, a 14 years old girl with an amazing song, just like a little bird. I discovered this girl just a couple of minutes ago, I started to follow a vlog serie of an Italian music producer I love, who wants to search new Italian artists with something of particular, because he says that music must be looked and not only listened, and I’m totally agree with him! And also because Italy is really poor about music industry and there are only a couple of artists able to called in this way, and all the great artists we have usually go in other countries for have more success and here in Italy we don’t remember of them anymore, and this is so bad!

Enjoy the song: