2nd Buzznet Anniversary!!

Hi Buzznet,

finally I have a little bit of time for write this blog, I have a lot of news to tell you and I hope to remember all of them.

First, I missed you so much and I would to apologize with all my followers especially with the one I really close for haven’t had a lot of time for answer to their posts and if I did I don’t pay a lot of attention about them, so I’m really really sorry but I’ll try to do my best in those next days.

On June 5th it was my 2nd Buzznet Anniversary and it seems only yesterday when I created my profile here and already 2 years are gone. Oh Lordy! In those 2 years happened a lot of stuff and I started to feel Buzznet as my second family and I knew a lot of cute persons here and I’m so glad about that.

I created my Buzznet profile because I wanted to stay in contact with my two fashion inspirations and Buzznet’s queens, I’m talking about Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth. I already know them for two years and I couldn’t imagine that they were so friendly and that they answer to all the questions or simple comments or almost all. On October 2009 I had the pleasure to start to talk with both and I was really happy, the first time they answered and talked to me I was dying!! It was like a dream comes true! They are simply amazing and I thank God everytime for have the possibility to talk with them, share stuff and talk about me and my dreams. I always write to them that I can’t wiat tot meet them and can say everything I feel for them looking them in the eyes, and I think this time arriving soon!

I started to stay here like a game, for try to stay in contact with Aud and Hanna and then Buzznet became my personal diary where I write of myself, my dreams, my inspirations and everything I want to share with the world.

Here, over have known Aud and Hanna, I had the possibility to know a lot of other kind people: Rich, Bree, Aviva, Yasi, the best staff ever! They are amazing and always ready to help everyone and over all their post are gorgeous and really funny, especially those of Rich 😉

They made me become a Buzzmaker a couple of months ago and in the beginning of the 2011 I recieved my first Buzz Awards as Tokio Hotel’s best fan! I can’t believe that all those stuff happened to me!

And also to know three special girls, I never imagined to become really close with people who live really far from me, but this is one of the best things of life, you don’t know what destiny reserves to you. My girls are: Kat, Ruby and Tara.

I think to them as my three sisters, I’m an only child so I always loved a lot my friends even though it wasn’t something of reciprocal from the other side. But not with these three beautiful girls! They are gorgeous, kind, sweet and simple amazing! I talk a lot with them and I can trust in them because they are pure soul, we have a lot in common and this is not easy now, with the society full of jealousy, lie, hate and other bad feelings… but I can say that I feel me free to tell everything to them and I’m always ready to help them if they need, for my friendship is really really important and I could do everything for my special friends. I hope to meet them really soon because I think we could have a lot of fun together! I love you so much, my girls!

I would to thank also all my rest of followers especially; Yong Yi, , Ben, James, Alinne, Michelle, Lynn and all the others sweetheart. I love you soooooooo much!

Thanks so much for those two last years in your company!!!


On June 5th, I wasn’t at home, I was all day out with my parents and their friends and I went with oldtimer train in Slovenia and on Bled Lake (do you remember that beautiful waterfall photo shot my dad?) and I had a lot of fun and I bought some postcards for Celine and Kat 😉

On June 6th I did another exam about history of medieval and reinassance music and I took 30/30!!! I’m really really happy and I was schocked when my teacher told me the mark, she said me: it’s such a shame you forget that name otherwise you got full, top marks!!! I sent a kiss to her when she said the marks and my Monday was really cool!

But I think this is the best news ever: finally I go to see Britney, and I can’t believe it! I’m planning to go to see her in Zurich on October 3rd, this is the reason because I didn’t stay here so much because I had to do a lot of stuff: searching for trains for the travel till Zurich, to find tickets, I’m still searching because I wait the confirm for Backstage Tour Ticket Package, unluckily the one with M&G was already sold out the same day it was opened the purchase, but I have a little bit of hope for the Backstage Ticket, so fingers crossed guys! In those days I’m really stressed for all the things I’m doing for Britney’s concert, but it’s worth it!! When I have all the tickets and the safety it’s all ok, you are the first to know it!!