13 Hot Skaters We Are Crushing On

Summer is here which means long days, long nights, and the inevitable sound of skateboards tearing down sidewalks, causing a Pavlovian effect on girls across the nation. We hear some gravel being upturned by the thumping of a foot pushing a piece of wood forward and we turn our heads. We want to catch a fleeting glimpse of the skater boy passing by. And if their style, laid-back attitude and near-perfect bone structure doesn’t get you, just go down to your local skate park and watch their moves. Or your local mall, which is apparently where major babes like Clint Peterson pull stunts like the ones in this new Stride commercial with Shaun White. Seriously, THIS is the reason skateboarding is a professional sport and even more importantly, a chance for us to become professional spectators.

Skateboarders have been wooing girls since the 70’s (thank you, Z-Boys), and to celebrate the ushering in of summer crushes, we decided to put together a collection of the dreamiest skaters of the season.