Why Hayley Williams is the New Gwen Stefani

First things first in a subject dealing with Rock Queen Gwen Stefani: there can never be another Gwen. Though on that note if there were ever a girl who should be passed Gwen Stefani’s Ultimate Girl Power Fashion and Music Goddess torch, that girl would be a little someone from Meridian, Mississippi named Hayley Williams.

Let us all take a moment to remember the glory days of No Doubt‘s Tragic Kingdom, shall we? Did that entire album not make you want to throw a box of tampons in every guy’s face who said you couldn’t do something because you were Just A Girl?

Just like that – with her bold lyrics, savvy style, and an “anything you can do, girls can do better” attitude – Gwen Stefani became the icon that all of us girls lost in the grunge of a boy’s world needed in rock music.

Of course she has done solo projects, clothing lines, and took on motherhood, but at 41, Gwen is still on top of the world and rocking it to boot!

This year No Doubt is celebrating their 25th year together.

Will Paramore be able to do the same?

I for one certainly hope so.

Just months ago in December the fans of Paramore were shocked to hear that two founding members, Josh and Zac Farro, were leaving the band due in part to a falling out with Hayley Williams and her father.

With all of that behind them now, Paramore is steaming full ahead with a new album due out late this year or early 2012.

Hayley has certainly not lost her spunk. There may be a new hair color and two members down, but Hayley Williams is proving to be a light in the dark for girls all over the world.

With Paramore’s debut release of All We Know Is Falling in 2005, we knew that this pint-sized rocker not only knew how to pen some eerily relevant lyrics, but she also has a fire that cannot be tamed.

Both Gwen and Hayley possess an awe-inspiring presence, especially while on stage during their high-powered, no-holding-back performances.

Much like her Queen Mother, Hayley Williams is showing the world that she has something to say about female empowerment and doing so with her painful and raw lyrics, daring style, and above all a great sense of awareness on what it is to be a true role model.

Gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine recently, it seems as though more and more people are getting behind Hayley’s movement every day.

In a music genre still dominated by males it’s lovely to see a girl come along every now and again to set those boys right in their place, isn’t it?