Welcome To My Closet

barbie head: alter ego, shoes: jc lita, dress: vintage, vest: diy, hat: vintage dior

It has gotten to the point of my closet bursting at the seems! I no longer can fit ANYTHING in it. My house is going to be full of rolling racks if I don’t think of a plan quick! I get so attached to clothing, they all have memories and its sad to see them go. I have dresses I have worn to events that I will never put them on again, yet I can’t seem detach from them. The funny thing is im not a material person at all. If I had to leave everything behind I would only take my computer hard drive and personal box of photos and notes I have collected over the years. Everything else can be replaced but the memories can’t.

That gets me thinking… what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Photos Steve Prue