My Top 5 of Britney’s outfits and accessories – May 2011

This month Britney has been really busy between rehearsals for her Femme Fatale tour, benefit dinner, hosting Wango Tango and performing at Billboard Awards.

A full month before the beginning of her American leg that will be start on June 16 to Sacramento.

Britney this month wore a lot of gorgeous outfits, one more beautiful than the other, this is my top 5 with a additional accessory 😉 Check it out!

5. Britney’s “I WANNA GO” look

Really secret rehersals for new Britney’s video, but luckily some fans found her outside the studio and shot a pic with her: this rock’n’roll style is fabolous on her, the jacket is such beautiful and hot pink bangs in her hair give a touch of summer breeze, love it!

4. Britney’s Wango Tango style

Futuristic pattern for Herve Leger dress chose by Britney for Wango Tango Concert. She suits it in a really perfect way and I love the combination with high black boots for to do a great contrast! Great choice, Brit!

3. Britney’s Benefit Dinner style

Britney did a great choice with this hot light green and really tight short dress for the evening organized by her and her family for Katrina hurricane victims, perfect for hot summer nights and also the choice of cream heels is such fabolous!

2. Britney’s Billboard style – S&M

Total black for S&M opening performance with Rihanna. Rabbit mask, black body with belts, sparkling chain/bracalet, net tight and polish boots.

It’s Britney Bitch!

1. Britney’s Billboard style – TTWE

Tight striped black dress and high black heels for assist to the show and for TTWE performance Britney adds a short motorcycle jacket, such sexy!


I completely fell in love with this pair of sunnies and I’m in love with her hair too! Seem cotton candy!

Which is your fav Britney’s outfit for this month?