Tokio Hotel: planetary success, German quality

If ‘Cinderella’ was written today, she would be born in Germany and wear 42nd size of shoes… And she would actually be ‘Cinderel’ (a guy). Because, in spite of his androgyny, Bill Kaulitz is obviously a guy. Formerly, in 2005 people often mistook him for a girl, but thоse times have passed. T-shirts with rebellious inscriptions were replaced by brand shirts, and Bill himself with his twin brother Tom has turned from unknown teenager into a world star. At that time they couldn’t imagine that in a little while they would not able to go out without being followed by security, stalkers and paparazzi.

All this stuff has begun in such a touching way : 4 german teenagers were moving hard to their dream in spite of its impossibility. Their song «Durch Den Monsun» («Through the Monsoon ») has blown German Charts up, and then all German-speaking European ones. But the most incredible fact is that it reached CIS and went over big.

We could certainly write the whole ode to their music only, written by Kaulitz twins –the founders of the band – in collaboration with their producers, but there is a topic much more interesting, to be exact, sensation that was created around them.

Albums, music videos, tours – everything undoubtedly played a role in success of Tokio Hotel, but the image is important, and with the right method of approach it will make a good result. There is no doubt that romantic image mixed with androgyny beauty of the frontman broke a lot of female’s (ok, may be male’s as well!) hearts. And if we add to this a charming smile of the bad-boy-guitarist and two typical german guys Georg and Gustav (bass player and drummer), we will get the cocktail for everyone, one sip is enough. Managers of the band have been preparing a destructive blow by releasing of their child.

Tokio Hotel project was always surrounded by myths and legends. Information in various internet sources almost always tells the same. And if some inquisitive person wants to know more, they meet insurmountable barrier – informational vacuum. Obviously germans are perfect when it comes to the censorship. Nothing unnecessary, nothing discreditable, everything is beautiful and like in fairytale: single parent family, difficult relationship in school, noncompliance with any rules… looking at completely different but in the same time identical Bill and Tom it’s hard to say that that have been outsiders as they have told. No official information about their “ex”, no pics with parents or only parents. Sometimes it seems like their biography was thought up when they were already grown. And someone would certainly give away a half of his life to get to know if it’s true or not.

So called “twins-connection” seriously arouses fan’s imagination. Sometimes it seems like this guys are talking without any words. Maybe that’s the reason why there is much mystery around this band?

The author of the article doesn’t want to take the work of detective, never, it’s just an observation of band’s success, fans’ behavior. By the way, let’s talk about the fans. If you look closer at the fans army, you can discover that life and work of this band arouse not only teenagers’ imagination. Specialists and holders of a master’s degree, auditors and linguists, doctors and programmers – it is not complete list of jobs that Tokio Hotel fans at the age from 20… and infinitum have. They are happily married, single mothers and unmarried, status in vkontakte (Russian version of Facebook) and passport doesn’t matter because every evening their computer screens show the same faces, they look through the same websites and actually leave the same smiles and lookalike comments.

Each Tokio Hotel fan knows exactly what’s the difference between fraternal and identical twins, they can even read the lecture about mono and dizygotic ones; they can tell you about the latest fashion trends – looking through the Bill’s clotheses is enough; or give an advice which of hair straighteners you should buy to make your hair look “like Georg’s”.

Milan Fashion Week 2009. With Dean and Dan Caten (Dsquared2). “The fans think that their idols are good in any activity if it doesn’t interfere with music”

In general, within 5 years Tokio Hotel have become not only music band but the whole separated world for millions of people. They are coming to the fandom, chatting, getting to know each other, some of them became real friends, some of them make creative tandems. It will continue till their star is shining. Well-known story, right?

It has already happened in music world for many times. Sooner or later rumors about breaking up appear, journalists of tabloids start to rub their hands waiting for the hot details. But not this time. No one told that band has problems, fans have been finding the proof themselves – reducing of the CD sales, half-empty halls during the last tour. What is it? What about two cancelled shows in Russia and about 18000 suffered fans? The latter situation was not their fault but is was like fuel to the fire. Everyone was waiting for the 1st of September. They didn’t wait for the Knowledge’s Day but the day when the twins turn 21 to raise their glasses for their health in real and virtual world… and right after that they got the news that twins are moving to USA. They took their 4 dogs and furniture with them but bass player and drummer stayed in Germany. In professional language we would call it hiatus, but band play the concerts in Peru, Chili, and also performance in Japan is not far off. It means that business is flourishing. At least it seems so. But fan-forums and blogs are still unrest. Fans divided over the question what’s happening in Tokio’s Kingdom? Whare will Bill‘s interest for fashion lead him?

The story has not the end or conclusion yet. Because the star is still shining, voting at the music awards goes on, plains make charter trips “Hamburg-Los-Angeles” and millions of people all over the world keep fingers crossed for these unfathomable and wrapped in mystery guys – Tom, Bill, George and Gustav will always be afloat of the showbiz.