What Things Do You Nerd Out With?

Today is Geek Pride Day. I must first say that I am not a nerd or a geek. I used to be but that was back in the day. I’m pretty cool now, FYI, JSYK. When I was little, I used to wear these HUGE glasses with lots of neon clothing because it was cheap. I was also a bad ass on the recorder.

My glasses looked like these, except they had a gold frame:

Oh and this is a recorder:

The recorder is the marijuana of the musical world. It is a gateway instrument which leads to more fun things like the penny whistle and the french horn. Both of those are instruments I used to play. I also used to play the alto sax, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, and the guitar. Yup. I was in band. Pretty nerdy, right?


In high school, I got really into Star Wars. This happened because one of my friends had a bunch of Star Wars action figures IN THEIR ORIGINAL BOXES. We used to use the opened/surplus figures to make stop motion films for our AP History class because we hated standing in front of the class. The Franco-Prussian War as brought to you by Stormtroopers vs X Men is pretty entertaining.

After that, I got REALLY into music. Part of being a nerd is having a specialty and music (for a time) was mine. There is nothing worse than a music nerd. That one B side that one band put out with that line up change that was produced by that one dude and only had 400 numbered copies released? Yeah.

If you know where this comes from, you’re probably somewhat nerdish:

If you know what this ratio is called, you have some geek in you:

If you know that is a reference for, you’re pretty cool:

So. Since today is Geek Pride Day, what things make you geeky?