Tarja Blog #11 – Tour is over

May 26, 2011

I am back at home feeling tired, but really happy. This tour in Europe was the longest one so far I’ve done on my own, but in a way it went fast over.

It is always hardest for a singer to go through long tours, but all the love I received from you people, helped me constantly to recharge my energies and to stay focused. Over all the tour was very successful.

I even survived without vomiting, not like most of the guys! There is hardly anything worse than travelling in a bus when a virus attacks someone and you know that it will eventually go through all of us.

By the time of returning home only Christian, Max and me remained unaffected.

It was really hard, but guys were brave and fought against it. I pray for us not needing to live through those times again.

I had the pleasure to sing with Liv in my Hannover concert and it was a very beautiful experience. Something to remember. I had really good time with her on our tour, so hopefully there is a chance to repeat it again in the future. Thanks to Leaves Eyes for the great support and friendship.

Copenhagen was a nice surprise to me, since the people welcomed us so warmly. I didn’t expect that for first-timer, but it was the best way to end this tour. Hopefully Denmark will see me soon again.

Thank you very much.

Here we are just minutes before entering the stage in Copenhagen for the last gig! The intro was already running through the PA.

My dear fans: I really appreciate your presents and the time, love and effort that you are putting in them. But soon I won’t be able to carry them back as the amount is growing with each tour!!

Still you don’t stop surprising me

Today I went to apply for a visa to a country I have never visited before.

In August I will be flying there to do the photo shootings for my new ROCK album artwork. We will spend a week there and the images will be shocking, I promise

I did remark ROCK album as many fans have been asking me about future plans. A ROCK album as WLB and MWS is in the process, as well as a DVD for 2009 live concerts with Kalevi, Marzi and Markku in Lahti. Furthermore in November I will record a classical album in a Finnish church. And if everything goes fine, I might be putting my hands into couple more projects during this summer.

Now I am back to my normal life; cleaning home every day, cooking, jogging, swimming, singing, working on new songs, being a good house wife You should see my house now… filled with candles! I LIKE IT! HOME, SWEET HOME.


With love, Tarja