SNL’s Nightlife Expert Stefon Weighs in on GAGAVILLE

So, with Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way, releasing next week, she’s more all over the place than normal. But one of the weirdest places she is right now? Is Farmville.

Yes, that’s right. This week, Farmville has partnered with Lady Gaga. By completing certain quests, users can unlock tracks from the upcoming album. The quests are farily easy and just about all of them involve asking you to visit Gagaville.

For more, we turn to Buzznet’s official Farmville correspondant, you’ve seen him on Saturday Night Live: Stefon. Stefon?

“Hello, Ashly.”

Hi, Stefon. So, what can you tell us about Gagaville?

“Farmville’s hottest farm is Gagaville. Located on a magical asteroid orbiting the rainbow planet in my dreams, this farm answers the question ‘THAT way?’

“This farm has EVERYTHING. Magical ponies, sheep on motorcycles, firebirds, magical gem-filled forests, a flaming fountain made out of lasers that shoot rainbows, rockows…”

Stefon, okay, what exactly is a rockow?

“It’s that thing where you have a cow, but instead of hooves it has ROCKETS.”

Stefon, that’s ridiculous.

“Not in Gagaville.

“And not on MY farm either, but you wouldn’t know that since you keep turning down my friend requests.”

Stefon, I told you. I don’t PLAY Farmville. I had to unblock the app in order to play this week. For RESEARCH purposes.

“Fine, then I guess I won’t send you one of the limited edition purple cows.”

…I will accept your friend request as soon as we’re done here.


Stefon, ladies and gentlemen.