Saves The Day Announce New Album ‘Daybreak’ Out This Fall

New Jersey rockers Saves The Day announced they will be releasing a new album this fall! Daybreak will be out September 13th and fans can buy the new song, “Living Without Love” on iTunes here.

Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley explained to Alt Press that the inspiration for the album came from his experiences growing up and feeling like he didn’t fit in.

“Growing up overweight, I was perpetually teased about being different, and found it difficult to make friends, leaving me isolated socially, and wildly awkward. I had no internal sense of being good enough the way I was, no confidence.”

Conley goes on to explain how music became his only friend while dealing with feeling like an outcast:

“Somehow, in the middle of the turmoil and anguish, I discovered music. I got an acoustic guitar. Quite suddenly, I had a companion for the first time. I could disappear into a world of music for hours, without feeling the weight of the outside world. A peaceful place. Harmonious. I was in love. It was as if for the first time, none of their words mattered, nothing could touch me in that place. I began to thaw.”

With the ongoing issue of bullying among today’s youth, a new generation of STD fans should find common ground with a band that has been writing heartfelt and lyrically creative songs for years. I’ve been following this band since I was 16, and their music sure came in handy when I was in high school.