Sasquatch 2011 Video Playlist

Sasquatch music festival combines the typical festival sh*t (hipsters and drugs) with nature and stuff (hippies and drugs) so that’s cool. They are also good at mixing up the type of bands they sign on.

This year we see a hefty dose of 90’s indie cult classics as well as new skewl indie artists with electric influences.

Here are some acts that I would want to check out along with videos that you should watch. Pitch yer tent….

Modest Mouse – This song is not on any of their real albums. Only on 7″ and compilations.

Reggie Watts – Give him a sampler and a mic and, in exchange, he will take your soul.

Gold Panda – Genius from the UK. My parents hate this kinda stuff.

Guided by Voices – This guy quit his teaching job in his 30’s to invent lo-fi pop. This is one of the greatest love songs. Ever.

Smith Westerns – They are young and dreamy.

The Flaming Lips – The quality of their output represents a bell-shaped curve and at the top is the perfect album The Soft Bulletin. Always a top-notch live spectacle and uber-chill, the Lips are not to be missed.

Wolf Parade – Badass indie dudes from Canadia. The two main songwriters each have their own bands as well (Handsome Furs and Sunset Rubdown). Amazing guitar work and vocal moxy on this track:

Foster The People – Phoenix meets Maroon 5 meets MGMT. Get ready to hear their songs everywhere.

White Arrows – They have made a recent shift in their sound (from a traditional rootsy-70’s rock to a self-claimed “tropical crunk“) but their talent is undeniable. They also have some of the best visuals out there.

White Denim – They are known for their progressive psych-freakouts but a softer, more soulful side is perculating up on their more recent albums. Case in point:

This year Raven will be shooting the festival for Buzznet, so keep an eye on her profile.