Question of the Day: Do You Pray (plus other goodies inside)?

Today is National Prayer Day. That means that people are all like, saying prayers and stuff for things because they are being nice.

Before anyone gets all BAH RELIGION BOO on me, let me first say that “prayer” doesn’t have to be associated with any one religion or any religion at all. Heck, if you really want, you can use today to mediatate (please see the above photo by Aly).

I don’t pray. I don’t mediate, either. I used to meditate but I just haven’t in a really long time. I think those two things are sort of the same. Sometimes you just need some quiet time to think and what not. In a way, it works. It’s part of your minds ability to heal itself and your body. It’s like a party in your brain without hats.

And now for the questions (because I’m curious like a cat – my friends call me Whiskers):

Do you pray? Do you belive in praying? Also, if you were going to pray today, what would you pray for? If you don’t pray, do you meditate? What do you meditate on? How do you clear your mind? Does meditating work for you?