Question of the Day: If the World Actually Ended Tomorrow, What Would You Really Be Doing Today?

So I already wrote about this whole End of Times thing that is going down on Saturday and I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about it. If you haven’t, it doesn’t matter anyway because we all know this whole “RAPTURE” deal isn’t happening because you know, God wants to surprise you and stuff.

In case something does actually happen, I will be prepared:

But mostly I don’t even so I just really need a reason to post this:

Back to the QOTD. Let’s say that like, by some magic rune stone or tea leaf reading that we all found out that the world was actually going to end tomorrow. I know we would all have the sads and probably the world be seriously F’d up because everyone would losing their poo and stuff. In my magical world of unicorns and rainbows, let’s say that everyone didn’t wig out and remained calm and that we all went “HOLY SHIT I NEVER GOT TO DO THAT ONE THING SO SINCE WE HAVE ALL BEEN GIVEN ONE FINAL WISH TO DO THAT ONE THING, I AM GOING TO __insert that thing here__!!”

I’m going to go out like a bawz and probably sit on my thinking rock near the ocean and hopefully that one angel in Revelation will fall into the Pacific Oshun and unleash teh Satanz and I’ll get to see it and in some strange Lovecraftian way, I will go MAD at having seen teh Outer Gods and cease being me.

What would your final act of awesome be if the world really ended tomorrow?