Question of the Day: If You Could Be Any Star Wars Character, Who Would You Be?

It’s Star Wars Day! How many of you out there still love the Star Wars? I’m not going to get into a prequel hate war here because they all have good things about them (except for Jar Jar).

Darth Pizza

Brazilian Blow Out Day on the Millenium Falcon

Pedo-wok! I’ve used this gif before. If you Google search “You come to van. I have Candy.”, this image is like pretty first.

Oh and go here and press the button.

Anyway, I would totally be an Ewok if I could be any star wars character. Not because LoLpedofurryLOL but because they defend their Endor home and live in fucking treehouses. Annnnnd they are cute. I used to have an Ewok plushie (lolplushies) when I was little and we were BFFs till I left him in a tree one night (because where else would you leave an Ewok?) and it rained and it got all gross.

If you could be any Star Wars character, who would you be?