Question of the Day: Do You Download Music Off The Internet Illegally?

I’ll be honest. I’ve taken music off the internet. Currently, I have amassed a collection of New Order and Joy Division stuff because like a weenis, I lost my iPod. This is, however, all stuff that I already purchased at one time or another. That means if I find it on the internet it’s ok to get, right? I’M NOT PAYING FOR IT AGAIN. I sort of feel bad then I don’t.

That there photo is by BizarreLand.

One time, many moons ago, before le iPod and when I used to carry around a TON of CD’s all the time, I fell asleep on the bus and woke up right at my stop. Before the doors closed, I jumped up and exited really quickly and fell back asleep on the other bus I was taking to get home. It was like 12 something midnight time. It wasn’t until the next day that I totally remembered that I left my CD case on the bus. I CRIED. This also happened to me in New York a while back too. Now it has happened again and I am slowly rebuilding the music I have lost. SAD TIMES.

Do you take le music off the internet? Have you ever? Am I naughty? OOOh also, if I take something off the internet and I like it, I’ll usually go and buy it and go see shows and stuff or buy merch. You know, to atone for my thievery.

Do you download music off the ‘net illegally?