Premiere: Authority Zero’s ‘Big Bad World’

Buzznet is proud to present Authority Zero‘s thought-provoking music video for ‘Big Bad World’, off the reggae punk’s 2010 release Stories of Survival.

Says front man Jason Devore:

‘Big Bad World’ is a song of the times. With impactful shots from all over the nation, our hopes for this song and video are that it will connect with people from all walks of life. From the working class man, to the corporate suits in the big office watching them squirm as jobs and housing go out the window along with continually inflated gas prices and global disaster. Showing that most all have been, and currently are enduring the hardships of the economic down slide and workforce. It’s a song and video about unity and the hopes that through persistence and working together that a new day, and change is possible.

How do you feel about this slice of life video?

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