The Pixies Plan to Record a New Album

The Pixies, the Boston alternative rock/punk group that formed in 1986 and inspired a large number of current artists, haven’t put out a new album since 1991. Granted, they also split up in 1993 and didn’t reunite until 2004, so it’s not like they could have spent those 11 years working on material.

However, after spending the past 7 years touring, The Pixies have announced that they are planning to write and record a new album following their current tour.

While the band recorded the awesome song “Bam Thwok” in 2004, this would be the first full album from the band since Trompe Le Monde (French for “Fool the World”) came out in September of 1991.

It’s really amazing that there are bands who can go away for 20 years and yet still come back and work on new material, even with friction between members (lead singer Black Francis and bassist Kim Deal have notoriously butted heads in the past).

Are you pumped for new music from The Pixies? Apparently Bono is! He has reportedly begged the group to put out a new album. Guitarist Joey Santiago said “Goddamn, we can’t leave that unturned. That would frustrate me. It would. I think we should do it. But it’s up to everybody.”