New Green Lantern Trailer: Okay, Okay, You’ve FINALLY Won Me Over

So, I’ve been back and forth on the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Yes, it looks SERIOUSLY awesome, but there were a few factors keeping me from being really excited about it:

  • I’m not the biggest fan of Hal Jordan. My preferred Green Lantern is Kyle Rayner, and I was kind of hoping Hollywood would use John Stewart since he was so prevalent in the Justice League animated series.
  • I didn’t like the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal. I was actually cheering for Nathan Fillion (of Firefly and Castle) to get the part.
  • While Carol Ferris is in the film (played by Blake Lively who I have nothing against) she doesn’t get to be…well, that’s a giant potential spoiler, so I’ll leave it alone.

But now, the new trailer has released and, dammit. I’m in. I’ll be there. Maybe not opening night, but damn close to it.

Things that are SO SERIOUSLY AWESOME about this:

  • The CGI effects. They manage to look legit and not as cheesey as I was afraid. It seems like the route they went (even Reynold’s Green Lantern costume is entirely CGI) is allowing them to really explore the idea that the Green Lanterns have the power to construct ANYTHING with the force of their will.
  • The villain. I had assumed the villain was going to be…DAMMIT, that’s a spoiler…anyway, the villain is Paralax who is a HUGE deal in the Green Lantern comics.
  • The presence of Amanda Waller. She’s a DC comics character who is pretty much the biggest bad ass on the planet. She heads up the CADMUS research team and will mess you up like nobody’s business.
  • I’ve gotta admit, Reynolds reciting the Green Lantern oath gives me CHILLS.

Are you looking forward to the movie? Are any of you Green Lantern fans who have an opinion on what we’ve seen so far? Share in the comments!