Movie of the day: SOURCE CODE

Yesterday I’ve been at the cinema to watch SOURCE CODE.

There are a lot of things to say about this movie, and I think to resume all with an only one word: MASTERPIECE.

The Source Code of the title, is a virtual program that creates virtual and at the same time real universals. The Source Code extracts the last 8 minutes of the brain and permits to relive them and modify them (only ona virtual level) fusing with the memories the reality. This is the key of the movie, it’s not sci-fi but ontology. Parallel realities aren’t real, but virtual, as tells a scientist who created Source Code.

Also the scientists who create it knows exactly the working, the only one person who is able is a US army helicopter pilot, Colter Stevens who wake up in a train and in front of him Christina who seems to know him but he doesn’t remember who is she. In the pocket (and in the mirror – one more time mirrors are protagonists) another identity, Sean Fentress, a teacher. Then an explosion and Colter wake up again in a sort of capsule, he’s not dead. Through a video monitor, he must communicate with a woman Goodwin who is evidently now his commanding officer.

Colter’s aim is to discover where’s the bomb on the train and to understand who is the person placed it in the train. And he must relive the same 8 minutes until he doesn’t understand who is the terrorist.

Over the ontology and the science, there’s action, war drama, real lives of all the people lives around the Source Code and other stuff I can’t reveal if you didn’t watch the movie yet.

The acting is really great: fantastic Jake Gyllenhaal who shows to be perfect also in this type of role and so good also Vera Farmiga (Goodwin) in the role of the cold observer but who discovers also to have a soul.

It was for such a long time I don’t see in the cinema the fusion of the action and the philosophy in a movie so perfect, a MASTERPIECE, to watch again and again, till to be sure to have catch the whole essence.

Highly commendable at the director, Duncan Jones (Bowie’s son) who with this movie and the previous Moon, shows to be one of the best promising of the modern cinema.

Vote: 10/10