A Million – By Mdot

Me dancing to Mdots song "A Million". Directed by Quddus From www.theQside : It was a collaboration that was bound to happen. Ever since we traveled through Latin America together on the Camp Rock 2 tour, Mdot and I have been talking about doing a video. We even tried to shoot one guerilla style in the street of Brazil! All that build up finally culminated into an incredibly inspired shoot. If youve heard his song A Million then you already know part of the reason why. Its a beautiful song dedicated to a close friend of his who passed away far too young. Definitely a song that as a director I wanted to do justice to visually. Dani Vitale, another talented friend from the Camp Rock 2 tour came through as our featured dancer. Her lyrical dancing complimented Mdots emotional performance perfectly. There were moments when I got goose bumps watching them. We chose an old painting studio in downtown LA as our backdrop. It was so beautifully gritty with such amazingly moody lighting. Perfect for this song. I think anyone whos only familiar with Mdot from his songs Tear It Down or Fire is going to be surprised and really touched by what we came up with.

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