Lady Gaga Spends $1000 Buying Her Own Album

At a Monday night launch event at a Best Buy in NY, Lady Gaga dropped $995 buying copies of Born This Way, one-upping everyone of the 500 fans who came out to the store.

No one knows what she did with all the albums since fans had to buy the album in order to get it signed. Is it weird that my first thought was that she’s going to melt them all and mold them into a wearable Iron-Man-like plastic suit? This was her chosen attire for the launch.

Gaga recently appeared on Letterman and is the current cover girl of Rolling Stone.

I kind of want her to take a vacation because I’m feeling pretty immune to all of her antics lately.

Have you ever bought more than one copy of an album? What album was it, and how many did you buy?