Lady Gaga is BOW-EAUTIFUL on the Cover of Rolling Stone

With her new album Born This Way just released this week and a stint on the hilarious season finale of SNL under her belt as of this past weekend, it seems that this just might be Lady Gaga‘s Best Week Ever. And to top it all off, Rolling Stone unveiled their next issue and guess who graces the cover? That’s right: Rolling Stone is Gagafied this month!

Described as iconic, this is Lady Gaga’s third Rolling Stone cover in just two years. (Impressive!) On the cover, Gaga is wearing one of her signature bows, with her hair Photoshopped into a shrimp-pink hue balanced by the powder blue background – and nothing else really, other than a lacy bra.

Simple, yet stunning. With all the theatrics that Gaga usually goes for, it reminds us that sometimes less is more – and with Gaga, keeping it simple can go such a long way!

What do you think of Gaga’s Rolling Stone cover?

Do you really think it’s iconic, or is it just another magazine cover?